And The Lightbulb Flashes On!

I am the type of person who attempts to tackle every issue at once. I’m the “lightbulb flashes on” type. Inspiration and motivation strike me at the strangest moments throughout the day, and a lightbulb in my head flashes on. (Except my lightbulb resembles a massive spotlight at times… I’m often blinded by my newfound convictions). I’m also not afraid to admit that my ADHD invariably interferes with this. I can relate to a hamster on its wheel, the thoughts never end and they circulate. Nonetheless, I have found that I can use that to my advantage. Intuition should NEVER be neglected. Intuition is never right or wrong. It might not be the answer, but thinking/feeling is what’s important and there are no limitations to that.

Back to setting goals. What do I want to do with my life? Where do I want to live? What is my dream job? These are questions that everyone encounters in life. I am at the stage where dreaming is believing. As a student – not yet taken over by the real world – I am allowed to dream. This is the time when my imagination should have no guidelines. Anything is attainable, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. I have the ability to draw out my life before it has even truly begun. These “light bulb flashes on” revelations all add up to a specific goal. Light bulb is on… now what? It’s time to create an action plan.

The first step is identifying point A and point B, and the second step is establishing to line to get between the two. The action plan certainly is the hard part. My imagination tends to run wild in these situations and defining a process is difficult. Organization is key. There are short-term goals and long-term goals. What are they? It’s not enough to visualize the dream job. Write it down. Elaborate. Long-term goals are things like my future career. When organizing, the opportunity for creativity is still present. What’s is the job or position? After that, I’ll describe the job and decide if I can see myself still holding that job in ten years. It’s like the angel and devil on your shoulders: “Is this really what you want? Because if not, there’s a million other options…”. I have time, but I’m going to use it wisely. Regarding the short-term, I need to ask myself what are things that I can do TODAY, or maybe this week or month. The little things are what matter most. Daily achievements are the composition of the bigger picture.

I have already had the “lightbulb flashes on” moment, now I am in the process of developing my action plan. I don’t have it yet, but trust me… it’s coming. The concept of creating myself has given me an ultimate high. It’s kind of like they say, a “high on life”, except I’m high on the IDEA of life. All of this is so exciting and I can’t wait to share the process. Stay tuned for future posts, I should have some organization by then!



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